At Infinito Health we acknowledge
and honour personhood

Infinito Health provides dedicated services in the wellness health industry to improve the general health (wellbeing) of its clients. All our staff members are qualified and registered wellness practitioners with focus areas of specialization. Hence, the Infinito Health team can offer holistic support over a wide spectrum of modalities with the focus on personalized wellness care. People who come to us are not our patients but our clients, for at Infinito Health we acknowledge and honour personhood as we do not practice pathology centred counselling.

Wellbeing practice is background healthcare and hence, we work along with physicians and other clinical health care practitioners to make complementary wellness support beneficial and will refer for clinical attention where required.

*One is trained to think that Western Medicine is the definite solution for any and every medical condition. This could not be further from the truth. Being in clinical medicine, it has become increasingly clear, that Western Medicine treats symptoms as a consequence of the disease process. What has impressed me most about the treatment understanding and strategy that Infinito Health Assessment and Treatment Practice proposes, is this, it addresses the disease process at cellular (holistic) level. These assessments enable Infinito Health to identify issues prior to manifesting clinically as encountered in conventional medicine. We don’t believe that any one science is exclusive. Rather we subscribe to a more holistic approach which is all encompassing. We have therefore been working very closely with Infinito Health Assessment and Treatment Practice….” Dr. MF Suliman; MBBCh FCS (2020/10/20)

The context of our services is that of positive and comprehensive health which goes beyond physical healing, as we are interested in the whole person – body and mind. The wellbeing of our clients is considered a precious health asset which includes, apart from biological and environmental factors, also subjective factors such as a positive attitude, optimism and stress management, as well as functional factors such as good relationships and work fulfilment. Infinito Health practitioners will enter into an assisting relationship with each one of our clients to help build this important asset by practising self-care. Research has indicated that positive assets serve as a source for healing, revitalization, growth and development. The net result is not only the prevention of illness but also to optimise healing and enhanced recovery.

At Infinito Health we acknowledge
and honour personhood

The primary goal of this wellness counselling practice is to gain ultimate balance and integration in life, thereby achieving optimal wellbeing.

The underlying content is that human beings are integrated systems with the dimensions of the mind, physical, emotional, social and spiritual realities, and their health is dependent on the balance of all these facets.

The guiding principles are rooted in awareness, coaching empowerment, and self-care orientation through natural means, taking into effect the dynamics of the entire body and how the individual body parts work together to create optimal health.

Screening Methods

Screening is an important point of departure for us to make a thorough wellness health assessment. The outcomes guide us in our protocols where we make use of lifestyle, nutritional and herbal support, detoxification procedures, counselling and bio-resonance alignment. This is accomplished through: evaluation of medical history, holistic health score sheets, observational spectrum and series of complex analytical tests performed with clinically approved tools.

Focused care applied to body and mind with: nutrition, exercise, environmental (internal and external) corrections, attitudinal and behavioural modifications, relationship equilibrium orientation, and self-actualisation concept counselling and bio-energy treatments.

The Holistic approach views illness or injury within the context of social, environmental, and personal circumstance, rather than determining which genes are responsible. Holistic medicine considers how individuals contribute to their own health. While this burden of responsibility can initially be difficult for a client to implement, this view of health care also assumes that the client has the ability to cope, rehabilitate, adapt and recover with the necessary professional facilitation provided by Infinito Health.


When Holistic and
Biomedical Physicians
Work Together...

There are a number of situations where holistic and biomedical physicians work together to deliver care for clients. Examples include:

• People with one or more chronic diseases or lifestyle-related conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension, which require multidisciplinary engagement
• People with cancer or other diseases where commonly used medical treatments are vital but can cause significant side effects that compromise the healthy function of other body systems
• People seeking relief from chronic pain without using highly additive opioids • People who want to build and maintain a foundation of optimal health and well-being
• People with symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, and gastrointestinal distress who have exhausted options with conventional practitioners and still do not have an actionable diagnosis or are not improving with conventional treatments

Other relevant conditions successfully
treated at Infinito Health:

Porphyria, Cancer, Ovarian Cysts, Arthurites, Osteoporosis, Emphysema, Auto-Immune Diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Insomnia, Neurasthenia, Acute Pain, Stress and Stress Related Diseases, etc.




Frequency, utilized according to the holistic, natural, integrated paradigm, is the future of medicine in the context of the well-being model which does not follow a pathogenic approach, but a salutogenic strategy to improve health, and not to treat disease. The aim of this research is to support the platform for Non-linear Screening and Intervention Systems (basic physics and principles of equipment) which can steer health care towards a more comprehensive, innovative and holistic direction. Furthermore, the aim of the study is to measure the efficacy of the non-linear data collection and it’s integrative prescription to cure.

Practitioners and Their Designations

Johan Enslin Fourie

Specialist Integrated Holistic Health Science

Jean Ramos Fourie

Iridology, Wellness Counselling & Bio Resonance Therapeutics

Voula Samouris

Clinical Psychology

Harsheeta Mahesh Naran

Specialist Wellness Counselling

Marna Pieterse

Wellness Counselling

Adel West

Practice Management

Daleen Bezuidenhout


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